Friday, June 14, 2013

BOOK BLOG BLITZ - Karen Einsel

Karen Einsel - Judged by the Cover

Karen was born and raised in Fontana, CA and has never lived farther than 4 miles from the house she spent her first year of life in. Wearing many hats Karen's most recent ones include Custom Gift Basket Designer, Writer, and now an Author.
Karen is a Romance Writer, but has recently been trying her hand at poetry and children's picture books.

Her most recent book is "Judged by the cover". She came about the idea for the book and the cover while she was doing a series on her blog about, Judging a book by its cover. That series had such a wonderful response that I am doing it again and you can find the details here on my blog.

"Judged by the Cover" is the story of a successful cover designer, Terri Watts, who gets contracted by a publisher to design the latest cover for best selling mystery author, Craig Burrows. 

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